Ron Boots – Different Stories and Twisted Tales

Ron Boots - Different Stories and Twisted Tales


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Ron Boots – Different Stories and Twisted Tales
CD, Cue Records NL/ Groove Unlimited, 1993/2004

Ron Boots always had a great interest in fantasy and the stories of Tolkien in particular, which partly became a source of inspiration for the music of this album.

Well, the outcome is far more lively and dynamic compared to his previous albums, as it features lots of strong multi-layered textures, heavy sequencing, drums and symphonic realms. “Twisted Tales” kicks off with great sequencing, drums and lots of breaks, in which a shift of different moods is apparent.

“Amor Facit” is next with its introspective, Steve Roach like ambient textures. The track “The Call”, some kind of battle between synthesizers and guitar, is by many classified as Pink Floyd’ish.

Things slow down again with the imaginary sounds of “Cuivienen”, followed by the Tolkien-inspired track “Gwahir”.

“Omnus Mundi” is a dynamic track for which Ron worked together with Guido Negrasus, after which the album ends with the excellent track “Different Stories”, which again demonstrates the magic when Eric van der Heijden and Ron Boots play music together.

The album as such is an excellent piece of work, by many regarded as a masterpiece until this very day, and a great addition to the growing Ron Boots catalogue.
The German ‘Schwingungen-Wahl’ voted the album ‘Best CD of the year’, and the piece “Twisted Tales”‘ was chosen ‘Best track of the year’.

“Different Stories and Twisted Tales” was remastered and re-released in 2004 on Groove Unlimited.


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