Ron Boots – Dreamscape

Ron Boots - Dreamscape


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RON BOOTS Dreamscape
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1990/2003

This album always held a special place for me as it marked the real kick-off for Ron Boots into the world of electronic music. In addition, the recording is a perfect example showing how much fun it is to make such quality electronic music, which can stand test of time. Ron started composing electronic music in the eighties, and founded the label Synteam with Bas Broekhuis in spring of 1990.

“Dreamscape” (the landscapes of our mind and imagination) was the first cd on the label. It features seven tracks, of which two were formerly released (“The Stand” from the mc “Bookworks” and the closing track “Rivers” from the mc “Hydrythmix”).

The music is a nice collection of melodic and sequenced music, with in the middle the outstanding twenty-plus minute title track, divided into three parts. Part II features Esperanto text next to intimate acoustic guitars and synthesizers.
This is followed by an energetic passage, the masterful outcome of an all night long spontaneous live recording in Ron’s Dreamscapes studio. This part was made together with Bas Broekhuis (drums), Eric van der Heijden (synths) and Ron’s dear (but sadly deceased) friend Ron Doesborg on guitars. On this track of the original Synteam release one can also hear a funny enviRONmental contribution (Ron’s cat) at 4:46.

In 2003, after years of popular demand and 4500 sold copies, Ron decided to put out a remastered re-release of the album, adding a 2003-version of the people’s favourite “Rivers” to it as a bonus track.
Let the dream continue…..


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