Ron Boots/Frank Dorittke/Harold van der Heijden – Derby!

Ron Boots/Frank Dorittke/Harold van der Heijden - Derby!

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Ron Boots – Derby!
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

Early September 2009, Ron Boots travelled to Derby in the UK, accompanied by his faithful drummer and best friend Harold van der Heijden and Mr “F.D. Project” Frank Dorittke to perform a concert at the David Wright’s AD Music festival.

And what a dynamic happening it must have been, according to the outcome preserved on his fine cd.
The nine tracks are powerful re-interpretions and re-arrangements of existing Ron Boots-tracks, with the exception of the F.D. Project piece “Canyon”, in which Harold’s energetic drums and Franks powerful guitar really kick some ass to the basics and solos provided by Mr Boots.

The trio’s thick sounds, massive sequencer patterns and yearning solos breaks the ice from the start with “A Half Hour of the Wolf”, later on touching ground with impressive versions of two tracks of the concept album “Acoustic Shadows”.

Thereafter, Frank’s energetic guitar and synth solos in “A Storm in the Guildhall” are very captivating, before the album beautifully winds down with the entralling “Tainted Bare Skin at he International”.

All in all, the very tasty content of “Derby!” is a must-have for all the fans and enthusiasts of Ron Boots & friends.


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