Ron Boots – Ghost of a Mist

Ron Boots - Ghost of a Mist

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Ron Boots – Ghost of a Mist
CD, Cue Records NL/Groove Unlimited, 1991/2002

After the tremendous success of Ron’s debut cd “Dreamscapes”, lots of fans had been eagerly waiting for his next album.

“Ghost of a Mist” inhabits influences from Steve Roach, but most of all contains the special and emotional sound of Ron Boots.
Since his debut, Ron had invested in better equipment, which grew in numbers and complexity, and also bought a Wavestation synthesizer, which plays an important role on “Ghost of a Mist”.

The album breaths a lovely moody atmosphere, leaving lots of space for expanding, flowing atmospheric textures as can be heard on the two-part title track.

“In Timeroom Spirits” is next, which pays tribute to the ambient music of Steve Roach. “On the Field” is a another great track with warm, very emotional sounds which easily carry your mind away. For me, this track really reflects the joy of playing electronic music in every note.

The 18-minute track “Desert Clouds” closes the album on which Ron is accompanied by Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, who adds some dynamic guitar solo’s to it.

In 2002, the album was remastered and re-released on Groove Unlimited, and contains the 9 minute bonus track “Flowing Forces”, which blends seamless with the rest of original music.


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