Ron Boots – La Caída de Hormigón

Ron Boots - La Caída de Hormigón


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Ron Boots – La Caída de Hormigón
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2011

As some may know, Dutch musician Ron Boots has a great passion for history next to composing electronic music. It’s something he previously adressed on “Acoustic Shadows”, that dealt with (the hell of) human warfare.

“La Caída de Hormigón” (The fall of concrete) is a concept album that forcusses on the tales and memories secluded in the architectural space of ruins (aptly described as “Windows into histories”) and the lessons that can be learned from it.

Entering the musics framework is like stepping in a kind of time capsule, shifting barriers in time and space during the almost continuous 60-minute ride. Sonically, the three long tracks feature an attractive but complex blend of vintage music and contemporary electronics, each evolving and unfolding in their own pace.

Here, Ron’s recognizable sound design ranges from detailed and intimate to big and massive. Its vibrant, rhythmic and well-tempered sequenced passages merge with beautifully rendered atmospheric textures and vintage choirs, making up imaginary journeys into worlds beyond. On top of that, Ron plays some perfectly placed solo voices, which really lift the listener up with their enduring, soaring sounds.
On the second track, one can clearly hear the influence from his release “Detachment of Worldly Affairs”, but for the most part the spatial music pushes the boundaries over and over again. Harold van der Heijden joins Ron with some lively drums on the third track, adding the right kick to the already great drive embedded in the music.

Overall, “La Caída de Hormigón” airs the typical “Ron Boots sound”. At the same time, its vibe is positive and quite hypnotizing, opening up a fictional window to the future of mankind without neglecting nor forgetting. As always, production and mastering are top-notch.
Most certainly highly recommended.


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