Ron Boots – Mea Culpa

Ron Boots - Mea Culpa

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Ron Boots – Mea Culpa
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2008

Mea Culpa” is the unexpected, quick follow-up to “See Beyond Times, Look Beyond Words”, the latter being released in Spring 2008. Although the music on this new album shows the trademarks of Ron Boots, it also chooses new pathways.

After a quiet opening, “Mea Culpa part I” fires all engines with great up-tempo sequencing, deep bass grooves, dynamic drums and breaks as we know them so well from Mr Boots.
“08:00 Sunday Morning” sounds more reflective, featuring the great, heavenly sound pads of “Symphonic Voices” hovering over an interesting set of percussion.

“The Roses in my Life” is a completely different story and quite a hard track for sure, as it features Ron singing/reciting about the “roses” that make his life what it is. Fortunately, “Mea Culpa II” turns back to the grand Boots-sound with great pumping sequencers and solo’s.

The mournful but positive soundings of “For Does” must be a warm homage to Ron’s best friend, who sadly died at a young age when both were living in Eindhoven and who contributed to Ron’s debut album and a few concerts after that.
The peculiar as dynamic “Quick Silver” is a fusion track with vocals from Voices of Passion, guitar licks and up-tempo drums.
At the tail of the cd we find the instrumental version of the third track as an unlisted bonus track, only a bit shorter in length.

All in all, the sonic content of the very well produced and mastered “Mea Culpa” is self-willed and versatile, venturing in new directions on several spots. Certain tracks will -without doubt- not be liked by his regular fan base, but I think the quality of rest of the tracks make up for that.


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