Ron Boots – Once the Dust Settles

Ron Boots - Once the Dust Settles


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Ron Boots – Once the Dust Settles
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2018

“Once the Dust Settles”, surfacing over three years after Ron’s last solo album “Standing in the rain”, is a 60-minute release containing the live-set played at Planetarium Brussels on the occasion of the Cosmic Nights 2018 festival held there.

It’s a cinematic, true cosmic space journey unfolding here where quite a lot of Mellotron tapestries and various Berlin School elements are fired off in rather free form spaces. The second track “A Sense of Turmoil’ appears to be a completely reworked track from the “Signs in the Sand” album from 2012. The 25-minute “The Gate” proves the most dynamic, driving piece of all, a shape shifting melting pot of cool sequences, sweeping Mellotron pads, soaring synth textures, a few solo voices, profound bass lines as well as a couple of well-placed key changes throughout the trip. “Green Flares Burst”, the fourth track on the album, is a live-in-the-studio session played the same month, sonically fitting to the previous pieces but missing out on live-vibe of the planetarium dome. Still, the live stuff alone offers some very well executed contemporary electronics to space-out.


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