Ron Boots – Screaming Whispers

Ron Boots - Screaming Whispers

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Ron Boots – Screaming Whispers
CD, Cue Records NL, 1996

The music on the album “Screaming Whispers” marks a change in the style of music Ron Boots has followed until now.

The overall sound is more daring, adventurous and rhythmic, featuring a bit less pumping sequencers and percussion as heard on previous albums.
The warm, varied atmospheres have remained, which also goes for the highly descriptive character of the music and the honest emotions embedded in it.

But sound wise, Ron still kicks some ass with fat sounds and fx’s on the well composed and produced pieces.

There’s the beautiful waves of “Gibberish” (a track which gets a party mix treatment at the end of the album), although I think “The Return of Believe” is a poor track, sounding directionless with its obtrusive, almost screaming flute sounds.

The quiet “Morphing M.O.R.E.” is an outtake from a concert in Cologne, Germany, by Ron Boots and Eric van der Heijden.

Overall, the outcome on this cd sounds mature but never predictable, as Ron keeps developing his very well produced textured, imaginative sounds.


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