Ron Boots – Signs in the Sand

Ron Boots - Signs in the Sand

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Ron Boots – Signs in the Sand
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2012

Those who missed out on the concert Ron Boots gave in May in the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem hereby find the opportunity to hear it after all. For the 57-minute recording, Ron was joined by synthesist Eric van der Heijden, drummer Harold van der Heijden and a choir.

The performed music strongly connects to the Berliner School of Klaus Schulze that was so influential in the ‘70’s, blended with Ron’s style of the contemporary “Eindhovense School”. This means many repetitive, highly sequenced structures, minimal rhythms and colourful vintage pads flying by, while the choir members (conducted by Eric) deliver some psychedelic-flavoured output on the 26-minute “Klaustrofobia”.

“Dream but not of today”, the second lengthy take on the album, though turns up the contemporary classical alley with violin and cello strings after an opening of dark ambient/industrial musings. The first six minutes are adventurous and daring in which one can’t miss a slightly nightmarish undercurrent and sense of unease found between the notes. When sequencers and drums kick in, the slow moving piece gets more accessible and melodic without losing the minimal format. Various breaks and the choir chords lend the outcome a lively feel, and slightly remind of Ron’s album “Liquid Structures in Solid Form”. The vibrant, at times melancholic sounding title track concludes the cd in an accessible, moody fashion with a soaring duduk melody along tight sequencers and drums running underneath.

Overall, “Signs in the Sand” makes an interesting live document revealing another side of this talented Dutch composer.


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