Ruben Garcia – I can feel the heat closing in

Ruben Garcia - I can feel the heat closing in  


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Ruben Garcia – I can feel the heat closing in
CD, Close Tolerance Music, 1998

On his fourth album “I can feel the heat closing in” (for which Harold Budd provided the title) New Mexican artist Ruben Garcia manages to find a beautiful balance between minimalism, piano, and synths, so again a comparison with the music of Budd and Eno is obvious. Ruben is assisted on guitar on four tracks: on one track it is Steve Caton (who plays with Tori Amos), on the other three Jeff Pearce does the honors.

Almost all longer tracks, except for three short ones, contain music that develops slowly and has a pleasant stillness to it. Cautious melody pairs delicately with introspection and light melancholy. Only on the penultimate piece, “The men are fighting” things get a bit more vigorous and dark. In addition to a rawer sound, there are also spoken Spanish lyrics by Mr. Gracia. The glowing production of this -once again- intriguing album was in the hands of none other than friend and colleague Robert Rich.

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