Ruben Garcia – Maybe Forgotten Forever

Ruben Garcia - Maybe Forgotten Fever

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Ruben Garcia – Maybe Forgotten Forever
CD-R, Trance Port Special Editions, 2003

The last decade or so I’ve collected all five solo cds of American ambient musician Ruben Garcia, of which the reviews have been published the demised Dutch electronic music fanzine KLEM.

“Maybe Forgotten Forever” is the second release on Trance Port Special Editions, containing two cds offering a beautiful career retrospective spanning the period 1992–2003.

Fans of Brian Eno en Harold Budd will find much of their liking as Ruben Garcia can do the same sort of magic with a piano, all implemented in sedate, melancholic electronic textures.
His thoroughly refined spatial piano and occasional rhythms or sequences make up for both exotic as intimate soundworlds.

Next to tracks of all his albums, the cd features six unreleased bonus tracks, in all making up to 140+ minutes of delightful, heartfelt music.

All in all, this is a properly produced must-have for fans of the genre and those who don’t yet know his music.


You can see what reviews I have done of this artist on the Ruben Garcia artist page


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