Ruben Garcia – The Gatekeeper

Ruben Garcia - The Gatekeeper  


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Ruben Garcia – The Gatekeeper
CD, Close Tolerance Music, 1994

“The Gatekeeper”, Ruben Garcia’s second release, is dedicated to both Claude Debussy and Erik Satie featuring “11 improvised piano pieces for a simpler life”. No electronic music, but rather an album that showcases beautifully understated acoustic compositions in which the musician builds an interesting bridge between classical and contemporary soothing piano music. The outcome is sometimes thoughtful, but always honest and straightforward.

All the pieces on “The Gatekeeper” contain an undisguised form of melancholy without becoming sentimental. In the last (and longest) piece the piano playing is atmospherically supported by a softly dripping sequence and electronic background sounds. This is 44 minutes of sonic beauty in slow-motion for those who like to listen to the refined acoustic works of Harold Budd, Eno, or Satie.

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