Ruben Garcia – Through the Looking Glass

Ruben Garcia - Through the Looking Glass

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Ruben Garcia – Through the Looking Glass
CD-R, Trance Port Special Editions, 2009

After a wait of nine years, there’s finally a new album by pianist and synthesist Ruben Garcia, known for his minimalist style and sounds, whose music more than once resembles the quality heard on the ambient works of Harold Budd and Brian Eno.

As mentioned in the press sheet, the music of “Through the Looking Glass” is a tad different from the outcome heard on his previous albums, as its sees Ruben turn to a bit more melodic and rhythmic style.
There’s still a lot of space and emotion embedded in these nicely rendered instrumental outings, which are nicely kicked off by the engaging soundings of “Pantoun”.

Things turn further moody and rhythmic on the lush tune “La Mesa Terminada”, on which Richard Bone joins on percussion, and whose musical influence can be heard here as well.
Next are the dreamy and smooth sonics of “From the Bottom of the Sea”, a track which previously appeared on the retrospective compilation “Maybe Forgotten Forever”, so not that new.

The title track follows, being the most dynamic track on the album, offering xylophone sounds, spacious synth textures and a fresh rhythm complementing them. On the other hand, the repetitive structure of the 20-minute “My Minimalist Life” shows little to no progression as it evolves. This track should at least been cut by two third, as it now drags on an on quite annoyingly.

Fortunately, the straightforward, hypnotizing 12-minute “Pulse” is next with its whirling, high-tech (Vir Unis-like) sequence pattern and beautiful airy soundscapes topping it. A great track indeed.
The cd rounds out very nicely and overtly quiet with the moody “Italian Café”, featuring a Hohner Melodica pleasantly hovering over a smooth sequenced synth backdrop.

All in all, the 62-minute “Through the Looking Glass” (mastered by Loren Nerell and A Produce) is a collection of instrumental tunes of which I expected a bit more, but which has a strong finale.


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