Rüdiger Gleisberg – Chronicle 1986 – 93

Rüdiger Gleisberg - Chronicle 1986 - 93

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Rüdiger Gleisberg – Chronicle 1986 – 93
CD, Ardema Musik, 1994

“Chronicle 1986-1993” is a limited edition, numbered and autographed release by classically trained German synthesist Rüdiger Gleisberg (known as one half of the ambient project Solitaire).

It’s actually a compilation album including released, remixed and previously unreleased music, which was set in motion by ongoing requests for the 1987-music cassette “inZeit-outZeit”. It’s the overall classical style that makes Gleisberg’s instrumental electronic music stand out on it own in its vibrant, fresh style, which features quite a lot of string sections, evoking an emotional sonic environment.

“inZeit-outZeit” and the title song “Chronicle” are by far is the best sections of the album, although I also like the immersive atmosphere created on “Samadhi” (written after experiencing a session in an isolation tank) and the airy, intimate spaces of “Kaschmer”(a compilation of unreleased tracks).
This album is well worth the try.

Website: www.gleisberg.com

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