Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow – Ad Lucem

Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow - Ad Lucem

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Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow – Ad Lucem
CD, Gterma , 2014

German composers Rüdiger Gleisberg and Mathias Grassow have been friends for over 25 years. Besides having their own solo careers, they also joined forces in various musical projects such as Arcanum, Nostalgia and Karmacosmic. But they also planned to produce a recording that would feature music just by them, of which 70-minute “Ad Lucem” (dedicated to the light and the hope for a better tomorrow) is the evocative-atmospheric outcome.

The seed for is was planted around 2009 by Mr Grassow, who sent Rüdiger some basic tracks with the message these sonic excursions meant a lot to him and if he was willing to add something substantial to round them out even better. Achieving the latter though proved harder than expected and would take about 4,5 years, but as the sparkle initiated the flame it all worked out fluidly.

The strong interest of both musicians in Buddhism and philosophy, as well as the influence of classical music marks the longform, slow morphing textural music. It rides the edge between the light and the dark, and features smoothly implemented elements of world music such as the sounds of the duduk and chant while also a rim of the abstract shines through. For me, the mesmerizing impact of the meticulously evolving sonic perfume reaches a highlight on the closing tracks “Sapere Aude” and “Nova Incognita”.

The imaginary, sometimes even dreamy sonic vistas displayed here are profound and quite hypnotizing, creating a mysterious-surreal sound column with strong otherworldly and organic touches. So if you like spacious ambient for deeper (headphone) listening, you can add the enchanting “Ad Lucem” to your list.

Website: www.gterma041to060.blogspot.se/p/gterma041-gleisberg-grassow-ad-lucem.html

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