Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow – The Seer

Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow - The Seer  


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Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow – The Seer
CD/Digital Download, Gterma, 2022

Next to being good friends, German musicians, Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow have pursued their own solo projects as well as collaborated in various constellations, such as Karmacosmic and Nostalgia just to name a few. So it’s no surprise Mathias and Rüdiger are almost constantly exchanging ideas and sounds, while both also share a common interest in Buddhism and the like.

The concept of the 77-minute art sound collage “The Seer” deals with the late US medium Edgar Cayce who was able to contact worlds beyond in a trance state through his so-called “readings”. The release features hypnotizing, slow and meticulously unfolding soundscapes where we submerge in and wander through dreamful, mesmerizing and mysterious-infused aural passages and textural atmospheres. The emotive “The loss and missing of loved ones” sees a further deepening of the previous two sonic tapestries with some meditative vibes surfacing on and off. Nocturnal as well as ceremonial ambiences grace the 30-minute hypnotizing “The legacy of the sleeping prophet”, a minimalist/meditative long-form piece carrying all the characteristics of Mr Grassow’s music. It’s a pity though it also contains a passage in the first half with quite a bit of aural distortion. Things wind down on the final dronescape “Echoes from the Dream Realm”, where it almost feels as if it all evaporates into the distant unknown.

Website: www.mathiasgrassow.bandcamp.com

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