Rüdiger Gleisberg – Symphonic Arts

Rüdiger Gleisberg - Symphonic Arts

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Rüdiger Gleisberg – Symphonic Arts
CD, BSC/Prudence, 2012

For long, German composer Rüdiger Gleisberg had the wish to once make a production with a full orchestra or with a few orchestral members. With “Symphonic Arts”, that dream has finally come true.

It all started when the young, much accomplished musician Wladimir Krasnich wrote Rüdiger a letter in which he offered him the opportunity to work together with the National Philharmonic Orchestra from Odessa. During their collaboration, Rüdiger sensed a strong musical connection with Mr Krasnich, as he was able to transform the sounds, arrangements and ideas Rüdiger had in mind for so many years into real music. As such, Rüdiger sees the outcome of “Symphonic Arts” as a personal milestone in his career as a composer.

The 41-minute “Symphonic Arts” comes in ten parts of contemporary classical, overall romantic and passionate music. The symphonic/orchestral music does take the listener up to great heights and through dramatic parts, at other passages providing an emotional sonic scenery over wide, peaceful plains, all nicely fitting to the great cd –cover art. Especially parts “I”, “V”, “VIII”, “IX” and “X” paint fantastic visionary landscapes before the mind’s eye.

As such “Symphonic Arts” is a fictional soundtrack to a movie the listener can easily imagine for himself, that will appeal even more to female listeners. Most of all, the album makes a firm and convincing statement of this talented German composer fulfilling a longing desire, proving music is a fascinating mixed bag of emotions.

Website: www.gleisberg.com

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