Rudy Adrian – Atmospheres

Rudy Adrian - Atmospheres

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Rudy Adrian – Atmospheres
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2014

It’s been about four years since the previous cd of New Zealand-based ambient composer Rudy Adrian was released. Those fond of his earlier textural releases “Desert Realms” or “Moonwater” will be pleased to find a progression of ethereal, highly cosmic soundscapes on “Atmospheres”.

Just have a listen to the lush “Willow Bank”, Blue Horizon” or “Amber Skies”, all lovely drifting pieces to gently and most comfortably immerse into, but which also could have lasted a bit longer. Most of the tracks found on “Atmospheres” were created in the last 10 years for other projects and albums, but didn’t seem to fit in there too well in the end. But here they do most certainly, forming a cohesive whole despite their individual nuances.

Moreover, a number of the tracks remind Rudy of times he spent with his father exploring the New Zealand coastlines with kayaks or by traveling along the coastal walking tracks. All nine pieces are tranquil, introspective and cinematic, travelling gently into vast textural landscapes while attempting to evoke the quiet open space that can still be found in the south of New Zealand.

“Beyond the Silver River” is of course an out-take from Mr Adrian’s collaboration with Ron Boots for “Across The Silver River”, while the 11-minute “Dreams from SubAntarctica” is taken straight from the 1999 bonus track on the cd-r “SubAntarctica”. And the track “The Temple On An Island” was created by using as a starting point several of the same sonic layers featured on “Entering The Temple…” from Rudy’s previous album “Distant Stars”.

Another ambient beauty is the 6-minute “Through a Cave Into Another World”, which was an unfinished track from the mid-2000’s to which Rudy added vocals, bells and various other elements in a most sophisticated way. The title itself refers to the sea caves in New Zealand that you can walk through at low tide.

All in all, “Atmospheres” makes a fine imaginary trip that will be right up the alley of any ambient music fan.


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