Rudy Adrian – Coastlines

Rudy Adrian - Coastlines

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Rudy Adrian – Coastlines
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2016

“Coastlines” can be regarded as sister album to Rudy’s previous album “Atmospheres”. The range of reflective ambient soundscape music making it up are mainly works composed between 2000 and 2010 along a few dating back to the 1990/“SubAntarctica”-period (“Clouds Over The Horizon”, “Theme From SubAntarctica”).

In there are nine gentle textural offerings inspired by the composers holidays in his youth spent exploring New Zealand’s coastlines, bringing to mind the imminent beauty and stillness that can still be found in those places. For example, the 10-minute “Thursday’s Legacy” found near the end of the album is from the late 1990’s and clearly takes its inspiration of Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon”, while the sounddesign of “Silver River” and “Desert Realm” shines through clearly on other tracks. A tranquil-ethereal realm is all over the place on this recording, which I find especially impressive on “Tussen de Monsters” and “Languid River” as these carry the listener away most evocatively. Even Rudy’s trusted collaborator Nick Prosser shows up on baroque flute in the short middle of the mesmerizing “Message of Dolphins”.

Simply imagine “Coastlines” sonic poetry as the sound of a muffled piano, a slow Eno-like synth melody along a soft murky noise dwelling in the distance. Pure melancholy surfaces on the final track “Evenings on Pohara Beach”, following in the aural footsteps of the previous piece. It sketches out a sunset beautifully where an initial red glow shifts gradually to another glow on different clouds before a third orange glow appears, all fading away into final twilight eventually.

In all, “Coastlines” is another fine exercise in emotive mood music giving a voice to splendor found in undisturbed natural spaces and breathtaking vistas of New Zealand.


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