Rudy Adrian – Distant Stars

Rudy Adrian - Distant Stars


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Rudy Adrian – Distant Stars
CD, Lotuspike/Spotted Peccary, 2010

After another long two year wait, LotusPike finally brings us a new album of New-Zealand artist Rudy Adrian, which at first glance is similar in style to that of his ambient albums, but a close listen reveals its still unique and somewhat improvised nature on the spot.

Like his previous releases, the outcome on “Distant Stars” is free form, pure outer space ambience, “mind expanding music” as Rudy likes to call it. It’s a great travelogue through deep space with the scenery always evolving around you, sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly.

Fans of highly atmospheric, serene and deep space ambient can sit back and immerse in 76 minutes of profound, ethereal and gentle flowing textures, beautifully kicked off by the 20-minute title track with very nice Michael Stearns’ “Encounter” flavours, which I’d absolutely love to see together with huge planetarium visuals.

The more adventurous sounding evocative spacescapes of “Trajectory” continue the journey into the vast expanse of the cosmos, followed by the full 15-version of the great planetarium piece “Le Songe du Singe” (of which an outtake was on the now out-of-print album “Kinetic Flow”).

“Voyage through Darkness” and “Netherworlds” immerse in more foreboding sounding textural scapes, nicely underscoring the desolate feel of the immense, unexplored spaces we slowly journey through.
“Entering the Temple of Haruka Kawagishi” rounds out the album elegantly and fluidly, beautifully echoing the ethereal music of “Desert Realms”.

The excellently produced and mastered “Distant Stars” is real gem indeed.


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