Rudy Adrian – Kinetic Flow (Sequencer Sketches Vol. 1)

Rudy Adrian - Kinetic Flow (Sequencer Sketches Vol. 1)

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Rudy Adrian – Kinetic Flow (Sequencer Sketches Vol. 1)
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2000

Rudy’s two sequencer pieces on his previous overall atmospheric album “Twilight” must have made quite an impression at Groove Unlimited , as they have released “Kinetic Flow” (subtitled Sequencer Sketches Vol. 1).

Well, I’m sure this sequencer album will please a wide range of music fans, as the content sounds like a cross-over of RMI, Michael Stearns and cosmic music.

Rudy himself says about the album: : “I tried to give “Kinetic Flow” a trippy feel, which tends to come out sounding roughly-put-together”.

Indeed, there’s a more edgy side to this music that makes it stand out in an adventurous manner. “Coming Home” starts out rather simple and not that special, but as the album progresses, the music gains more body on composition.

It contains three long tracks in the centre, with the beautiful planetarium track “Le Songe du Singe” as a real highlight. It’s a great 13 minute drifting soundscape.
The album closes with two short sequencer tracks.

All in all, “Kinetic Flow” is a very well executed and recommended album.


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