Rudy Adrian – Moonwater

Rudy Adrian - Moonwater


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Rudy Adrian – Moonwater
CD, Lotuspike, 2006

“Moonwater” is Rudy’s first release on the rather ambitious Lotuspike-label.
As explained in the booklet, the start of the music was more or less accidental as some of his main studio equipment broke down. Nevertheless, the outcome is a beautiful collection of relaxed and moody ambient music carrying some distinct elements of Harold Budd and Brian Eno.

The title-track kicks-off with soft roaming music, continued on the flowing textures of the two-part “MidnightFantasyAngel”.
“Ancestral Legacy” features some nice flute over intimate textures before we move into the drifting, uplifting atmospheres of “The Legend of Kirsty Lynn”. This track creates a fantastic mood with its twinkling, heavenly soundtextures.
The cd concludes with part two and three of an intimate live performance, of which the first one features some of Rudy’s occasional singing. In all, “Moonwater” is peaceful, well composed ambient excursion deserving a high recommendation.
As a bonus, the cd contains an almost five minute movie with great some great nature footage and music from the follow-up album, work-title “The Shadow Garden”.


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