Rudy Adrian – Twilight (Atmospheric Works Vol. 2)

Rudy Adrian - Twilight (Atmospheric Works Vol. 2)

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Rudy Adrian – Twilight (Atmospheric Works Vol. 2)
CD-R, Private Release, 1998

David Parsons was kind to get me in touch with this musician hailing from New Zealand’s south island, whose full name actually is Rudy Adrian Hueting.

Originally, “Twilight” (Atmospheric Works Vol. 2) was only meant for friends and relatives, but it appeared there was some distinct demand outside of that. Rudy started composing electronic music at the Canterbury University School of Music studios while studying Forestry Science. After he abandonned Forestry Science, he tutored electronic music at the University of Otago while completing a degree in Botany. This all ended up in fulltime sound design work for a television production company and occasional freelance music composition.

Well, listening to this album makes clear the Berliner School had a major influence on the featured sequencers which dominate two tracks, while the trademarks of Brian Eno and Michael Stearns shine through in the highly atmospheric tracks, which contain some vocal contributions and nature sounds.

“Twilight” has a rather mystic and more adventurous side, which makes me recommend this very nice recording to both Berliner School and space music fans.


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