Rudy Adrian – When Dusk becomes Night

Rudy Adrian - When Dusk becomes Night

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Rudy Adrian – When Dusk becomes Night
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2021

What I got here is possibly the most tranquil and serene album yet from this talented New Zealand-based composer. The major part of the 58-minute “When Dusk becomes Night” (working title Dawn to Night) was created during a two-week lockdown in 2020. For the result Rudy envisioned overtly soothing and comfy ambient-space atmospheres that would guide the listener gently through the transition into nocturnal darkness. Most of all this delicately molded music -graced with Howard Givens expert mastering- invites listeners to wind down, reflect and even triggers the mind to wander into imaginary, enchanting places as lights dim gradually.

It’s great to spaceout with a composition such as “Starlane” with cosmic atmospheres deepening further on “Moa Caves” and the dark-shaded (slightly Robert Rich-esque) “Crepuscular Wildlife”. “Moonlit beach” (dedicated to the late Jeff Kowall, who designed the beautiful cover for Mr Adrian’s album “MoonWater”) is another cosmic floater dressed with melancholic perfume fitting in the aural frame of the first two pieces.

More “air” and elevation surfaces on “Lakeside Shelter” as it evolves in the same fashion as the previous one.  A subdued dynamic current can be sensed clearly on the excellent “Western Wind” where lovely vintage (almost mellotron-like) pads pass by on and off. Tender washes are all over the place on the fluid soundscapes of “Night becomes Dawn” followed by the break of dawn felt through the soft rays of sunlight appearing on “Sunny Day”.

Just take a deep breath and treat yourself with this fine sonic balm when you feel stressed-out or need a break from it all. Star rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.


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