Rudy Adrian – Woodlands

Rudy Adrian - Woodlands

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Rudy Adrian – Woodlands
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2019

For me, the biggest part of “Woodlands” is a trip down memory lane and most familiar to my ears. About half of it consists of aural sketches Rudy originally created and intended for the 2002-album “Across the Silver River” (that ended up as a collaborative project with Ron Boots) he sent me on cd-r about a year before its release. So although Spotted Peccary refers to this music as a “remix”, they are actually an “alternative mix”. To these, Rudy composed about four new ambiences in early 2019 (two of them are live improvisations) to lend the whole project a feeling of being more among the trees.

Well, the opening track already takes off with typical floating Adrian-soundscapes dressed with flashes of wordless singing, while the recognizable sound of Rudy’s trusted Yamaha SY77 shines clearly on the calm, tranquil recording with immersive power. “Treetops”, “Autumn in a Forest Glade” and “Dancing Shadows ” are exquisite textural pieces I wished lasted longer, something also applying to the fine title track where gentle, mysterious realms transport the listener in a comfortable, alternate reality beyond. In addition, soft sparkling cosmic environs are explored on the 9-minute “Stars between boughs” found near the end of the album.

If you cherish “Atmospheres” and “Coastlines”, getting the 67-minute “Woodlands” (that I rate between 3,5 and 4 stars) is simply a no-brainer I reckon.


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