Ryan Farish – Beautiful

Ryan Farish - Beautiful

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Ryan Farish – Beautiful
CD, Neurodisc, 2004

This is the first commercial release of the English composer Ryan Farish who previously built quite a name on MP3.com.

Well, the instrumental music on “Beautiful” is very accessible and will surely appeal to a varied audience with it’s electronic, poppy tunes. Farish’ style leans towards Robert Miles (especialy his piano playing), a very melodic TD but also shows a glimpse of The Orb.

In addition, several passages almost touch the ground of the music of label mate Amethystium (just take a listen at “Chasing the Sun”).

In all, “Beautiful” is 60 accesible minutes of not that special but very pleasant music with a few lyrical undercurrents.

Website: www.neurodisc.com


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