S-A-W – Iconic

S-A-W – Iconic

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S-A-W – Iconic
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Viktoriapark Records, 2020

Kurt Ader is a talented German sound designer for hardware synthesizer, sampler and iOS apps who performed with Johannes Schmoelling on French Synthfest 2018 while having designed a large range of great sounds for Johannes through the years. In addition, he released his solo album “Priority” through Johannes’s label in 2017.

“Iconic” sees a collaboration of Kurt Ader, Robert Waters and Johannes Schmoelling who pay homage to various electronic traditions while delivering 48 minutes of fresh music lining up to different faces of TD’s 80’s sound. The opening pieces already introduce a spacious, warm sounddesign with spatial sequencerpatterns that will appeal to and appreciated by a wide Em-audience. Analogues, a bit of experimentation and less melody dominate the 9-minute “The Crusade”, one of the four pieces accomplished at Olivier Grall’s synth studio. “Empire” following next is a typical Schmoelling piece with sweeping pads and a soaring solo voice that would fit easily on one of his albums while dramatic, cinematic vibes make up “Crimes of Passion”.

Although not ending up as great as the title suggests, the outcome is a tad different from Schmoelling’s own stuff and the works of Loom due the cross-pollination of assorted sonic elements while incorporating familiar ground.


Website: http://www.viktoriapark-records.de


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