S1gns of L1fe – Branches in the Sky

S1gns of L1fe - Branches in the Sky

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S1gns of L1fe – Branches in the Sky
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Arecibo Records, 2013

The emotive music of “Branches in the Sky” is a five track EP (40 minutes in length) picking up the sonic trail where the debut “Language of the Ancient” left us.

Once again, Chris Bryant takes his listeners on a subconscious journey using melodic textures, lush soundscapes, gentle beats, deep bass lines and pulsing down-tempo rhythms forming a fluid flow of dynamic currents. A lot of attention has been given to details in the spacious sounddesign and slow shifting backgrounds. The hypnotic, relaxed realm and contemporary sound encountered on some releases of the Ultimae label and their Fahrenheit series (Cell, Aes Dana) is most present here. It makes the excellent produced, mixed and mastered “Branches in the Sky” a most enjoyable listen.

Website: www.s1gnsofl1fe.com

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