S1gns of L1fe – Language of the Ancients

S1gns of L1fe - Language of the Ancients

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S1gns of L1fe – Language of the Ancients
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

S1gns Of L1fe is Chris Bryant, a skilled ambient producer hailing from California’s Bay Area. He’s also one half of the ambient group Ascendant along with fellow ambient artist Phase47.

The projects debut album “Language of the Ancient” (inspired by the natural and social complexities of our environment, the core genius of biology, astronomy and the commonality yet harmony of our existence) is an exciting release filled with well-composed, captivating and emotive down-tempo/ soundscape electronica, all served chilled and in a slow tempo.

These are no melodic tunes though but all about shapeshifting and circular moving atmospheres with an (organic) edge. Moreover, it’s thoughtful made and rich sounding music not straying far from Ultimae’s quality releases and most notably the intrinsic works of Solar Fields at times.

“Language of the Ancient” blends the ethereal with the in-depth and hypnotizing by means of mesmerizing dronetextures, deep bass lines and pulsating rhythms. It’s all accomplished nicely and with a genuine intrinsic quality.

Website: www.s1gnsofl1fe.com

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