S1gns of L1fe – Pathways to Ascension

S1gns of L1fe - Pathways to Ascension

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S1gns of L1fe – Pathways to Ascension
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synphaera Records, 2017

“Pathways to Ascension”, cut from a 24bit-44.1 kHz master source, is a down-tempo/chill-out exercise by Chris Bryant (aka S1gns Of L1fe) who hails from California’s Bay Area.

Bryant’s emotive ambient-tech music has matured and deepened further with every new release featuring the intrinsic warmth, expert mastering and crisp-clear sound as found on Ultimae’s releases until a few years back. Of the nine sphere paintings, both “Etheric Reality” and “Immortal Existence” air a special charm to my ears while all tracks evolve slowly and circle around beats and contemporary rhythms.

All in all, “Pathways to Ascension” is recommended if you prefer to space away on the waves and sounds of high-tech electronica in an overall mellow sense.

Website: www.s1gnsofl1fe.com

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