S1gns Of L1fe – Portal To Transcendence

S1gns Of L1fe - Portal To Transcendence

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S1gns of L1fe – Portal to Trancendence
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synphaera Records, 2024

After a three-year hiatus, here’s finally a most welcome vital sign of life of Chris Bryant’s project S1gns Of L1fe. For the composer, “Portal of Transcendence” is a special album in many ways, as it’s the first new S1gns Of L1fe album since the start of both his YouTube channel and this Patreon Community. Conceptually speaking, Mr Bryant considers this one a huge leap forward from “The Age of Cymatics” as we are going through a portal now and the new age is about to begin: void shifts and cosmic resonances surround us as we step into this new time with wonder, intrigue, and mystical visions of a world that has fundamentally changed.

“Portal of Transcendence” contains seven mostly sequencer/rhythmic-driven tracks displaying a sparkling, futuristic, and contemporary electronic sound that invites you to transcend the ordinary, enveloping you in a world where time and space dissolve. The overall pace is mid-tempo while the sound design is invigorating and detailed, as such delivering cosmic atmospheres that are spatial and almost blissful as they caress the ears during its 58-minute duration.

Nice one!

Website: synphaera.bandcamp.com

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