Sabled Sun – 2145

Sabled Sun - 2145

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Sabled Sun – 2145
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cryo Chamber, 2012

Sabled Sun is a dark, post-apocalyptic and futuristic ambient endavour by Swedish composer Simon Heath (aka Atrium Carceri) started in 2012. The highly cinematic and expansive ambient-drone project features a profound narrative: it sketches out the story of a lonely hero’s quest for life after a long period of deep sleep hibernation. The survivor wakes up and starts wandering through a bleak, desolate, wrecked, post-apocalyptic world, looking for answers/clues and his attemps making some sort of contact with others.

The stark and foreboding aural outcome visualises endless dystopian wastelands, the left-overs of a severe and devastating nuclear winter, surreal, thick and totally remote atmospheres and so on. To that come barren landscapes and cold, harsh circumstances where any sign of hope or more than just a few glimpses of light in the glooming dark seem out of the question.

Next to the 214x series of albums, Mr Health also developed the “Signals”, a series of intense space-ambient works. These portray signals that the protagonist from the albums “2145”, “2146” and “2147” finds on his journey to find out what happened to humanity after waking up to an empty world void of human life. Each “Signals” album, containing a one hour-long, slow morphing dronescape, is meant as an optional look into what happens in the periphery of the main project. The “Signals” editions (for which I have a slight preference) are for deep space explorers with a preference for the mysterious and uncanny.

Sabled Sun’s download versions are available in 24 bit FLAC uncompressed and have a high dynamic mastering for audiophiles.



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