Sam Rosenthal – The Passage

Sam Rosenthal - The Passage

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Sam Rosenthal – The Passage

“The Passage” is a foray into the realms of pure textural ambient from Black Tape For A Blue Girl founder/songwriter Sam Rosenthal, also known as owner of the Projekt label.

The 44-minute title track is derived from the 16-minute closing track from the 1989 Blacktape album “As one aflame laid bare by desire”. It was also recently used for the guided-meditation album by Ananda Nidra on the same label, but is now presented without vocals.
The outcome is non-rhythmic, blissful and gently evolving soundscape music, incorporating a smooth ebb and flow of warm synthetic sound currents and streams. Intimacy, repose and reflection are the key words applying to this harmonic sound tapestry, fluidly rotating around its own axis in a time-suspended haze.

As a second piece, Mr Rosenthal added the 10-minute romantic tone poem “Rae”, on which the floating synthscape strings are merged with violin and processing, creating a strong elevating feel before fading away in graceful silence.

All in all, “The Passage” is an invitation to immerse in the embrase and slow flow of textural sound, making it excellent to erase the hectic, turbulence and noise of nowadays world and balance the mind at the same time.



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