Santé – Into Light

Santé - Into Light

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Santé – Into Light
CD, Santé Music, 2000

Stephanie Santé belongs to the very small league of female musicians in the genre of electronic music. With her debut “Into Light” she offers an emotive and accessible album, nicely kicked off by the inviting “Airstream”.

Stephanies smoothly sequenced and highly imaginative music is airy and relaxing, featuring slight symphonic hints embedded in the new age-oriented compositions. Her melodic and quieting story telling by means of smoothly shifting, imaginative and bright soundspace textures is something I haven’t encountered before.

The atmospheric, aural territory Stephanie immerses her listeners in has both otherworldly and earthy fundamentals, while at the same time connecting with something deeper that I would point out as profound spiritual.

The 48-minute “Into Light” is an impressionistic, emotional but also a bit peculiar work of new age suitable for inner travels.



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