Satsuma Nightmare – Plugged

Satsuma Nightmare - Plugged

Release data:

Satsuma Nightmare – Plugged
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2003

Well, the cover image of “Plugged” isn’t very appealing, but the music on it will be appreciated by those who cling to the stuff TD played at the beginning of the ’80’s.

The project Satsuma’s Nightmare was founded in 1983 by Leicester-based musician Alan Stocker and some others. The band underwent various changes through the years, and now resides with Mr Stocker as the last remaining member today.

“Plugged” features 11 melodic tracks with a certain English touch blending with the already mentioned TD flavour. Two tracks contain some e-guitar by John Angell, while the instrumentals as such stand out due to its uncomplicated, open character and attractive, Paul Nagle-ish sequencing.
Nice going, Mr Stocker!

The whole album can be listened to on Soundcloud.



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