Saul Stokes – Washed in Mercury

Saul Stokes - Washed in Mercury

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Saul Stokes – Washed in Mercury
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hypnos Recordings, 1997

For its time, “Washed in Mercury” (the first cd-release on Mike Griffin’s newly founded label Hypnos Recordings back in the ‘90’s) offered an innovative, progressive sound in electronic music. For this purpose, Washington-based composer Saul Stokes used various home-made analogue synthesizers and fx’s gear.

The medium tempo outcome music with a slight edge towards the percussion side of things is straight challenging and not your everydays cup of tea, riding the edge between experimentation and sweetness as quite some some experimental and abstract elements have been thrown in.

I imagine the first two pieces might be quite hard, but “The Tunnel Twins” and the hypnotizing “Zona” propel the listener straight into compelling futurism in sound. The unusual rhythms and percussion on the seven tracks pull the music in an even stranger, unfamiliar sonic territory. I’d say the spherical and elevating “Clearing” makes the most accessible track on the highly atmospheric but also rather peculiar and unique sounding album.

Both the production and mastering of the overly strange Intelligent Dance Music album with moments of ambience making up “Washed in Mercury” are excellent.



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