Sayer – Future City



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Sayer – Future City
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, New Territory Records, 2019

Sayer’s music I got to know so far has been contemporary, dynamic and fresh. With the 75-minute “Future City” -a themed release accompanied by a short story- he brings his audience a mix of dreamy, uplifting and uptempo pieces (of which a few carry on bit to long to my taste) spiced with pleasant melodic lines, catchy sequencers and assorted artificial rhythms.

Well, Berlin School aficionados will dig opener “Arrival” for sure, setting the tone for the remainder of the imaginary journey. One of Seely’s trademarks are the slow transforming yet spiraling/bouncy sequencer patterns with their old-school touch and dose of mellowness pulling things along, occasionally in a bit more groovy fashion. I’m personally rather fond of the varied, dream-inducing track “Relic Technology” found around the middle of the recording as it merges vintage pads with pulsating patterns and fat pads altogether very nicely. That said, “Future City’s” music unfolds in a similar fashion on just about every track.


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