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Sayer - Random Access Melodies

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Sayer – Random Access Melodies
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, New Territory Records, 2013

After a long hiatus, American synthesist Sayer Seely re-surfaced lately, announcing a remastered version of his debut album as digital download only, along “Random Access Melodies”. The latter is a compilation of various tracks recorded since the debut album and prove Sayer still knows his ways in composing attractive and fresh contemporary electronics.

The 13 accessible tracks show a feel of great fun, which is emphasized by the jolly, multi-layered sequencing and catchy rhythms taking place on almost each composition along a most pleasant blend of modern and vintage sounds. There are quite a few up-beat excursions in here, not necessary melodic, with some echoes of Kraftwerk (“In the Machine”) and Jarre flying by.This said, the grooviest takes on the album are found near the end of the album. “Whimsical” and the excellent “Amarinthine” (to name just a few) are exciting, sequencer-driven offerings with lots of mesmerizing, soft soaring sounds.

It leaves no doubt the excellent produced and mastered “Random Access Melodies” will please many music fans put there.
Welcome back Sayer & thanks for making this a factory-pressed release in the end.


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