Scamall – A World behind the Silence

Scamall - A World behind the Silence

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Scamall – A World behind the Silence
CD, Generator.Pl, 2009

Scamall is a project of Jakub Kmiec, who found the main inspiration for this album in desolated places in Sweden and Ireland.
“A World behind the Silence” is a 49-minute work of adventurous music that “consists of soundscapes incorporating abandoned and originally useless noises”.

Neurotic break beats, harsh bleeps, clicks and noises take off on the first track, fortunately soon ending up in ghostly atmospheres and textures with creepy effects. The soundscapes meander forth in the far more pleasant “Warts and All”, although rough edges and effects keep being scattered through the sound spectrum.

“Screaming Trees” is another abstract, dark and drifting ambient excursion with light rhythmic elements, creating an otherworldly sonic environment. “Wrapped” is next with crunchy murmurs and more harsh and creepy effects over flowing soundscapes, which is harder to endure.
“Vanishing Haze” continues in the tradition of Eno’s “Ambient #4” with sustained piano phrases hovering over mysterious textural plains.

Morphing ambient layers, radio snippets and deformed nature sounds make up the interesting and overall cinematic „Bright”. The ghostly flavours of “Before the Silence falls” end the cd in the drony, organic and experimental style quite similar to the music of Tetsu Inoue.

The previous description makes clear this is not an easy-going work of atmospheric music, but one demanding an attentive pair of adventurous ears.
All in all, this well-produced cd of murky, grainy, strongly organic flavoured ambient-music makes up a challenge for any experienced ambient music fan.



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