Scann-Tec – Facial Memories

Scann-Tec - Facial Memories

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Scann-Tec – Facial Memories
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Celestial Dragon Records, 2010

I agree the cover coming with this release is absolutely awfull and doesn’t match with the well crafted down-tempo music featured inside. It remains the only flaw though. This debut by Russian musician Vladislav Isaev, aka Scann-Tec, was mastered by the talented Huby Sea and Aes Dana from Ultimae Records, a label that would ask him to contribute to several of their compilations later on.

The spacious mix of deep ambient texture, electronic futurism and slow trance down-tempo making up the constant flow of “Facial Memories” is both stimulating and uplifting energetic. Simultaneously, it leaves enough space for dreamy, chill-out and psychedelic flavored interludes while sampled vocal snippets and sound effects float gently through the overall sounddesign. Of the 11 tracks, lush opener “Amy Returns” and the energizing “Lochotrone”, “Parallels”, “Hello Human?” and closing piece “Innermost Desires” left the strongest impressions on me.



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