Schiller – Atemlos

Schiller - Atemlos

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Schiller – Atemlos
CD, Universal Domestic, 2010

Schiller impressed me with his previous album “Sehnsucht” (“Desire”), which was followed by the even better double dvd of the “Sehnsucht”-tour. So expectations among his fans were high for the new album “Atemnot” (“Breathless”) and the outcome Christopher von Deylen, aka Schiller, would come up with.

But I must disappoint all who think something similar is found here, as Christopher has composed a double album with songs and instrumental pieces that more than before rely on soundscape ambiences, mostly lacking good tunes and the overwhelming, thrilling emotions that made his previous music stand-out.

The majority of the tracks on “Atemlos” don’t have the dance/popsong vibe, although tracks like “Playing with Madness”, “Try”, “I will follow you” and “Under my Skin” belong to the few of the 29 tracks in total that meet that standard, all very enjoyable and well-done indeed.

Of the 12 instrumental outings, only “Atemlos”, “Himmelblau” and “Soho” deserve the same qualification. Most others sound flat-out uninspired and slow, even the two instrumentals made with Can’s Jaki Liebezeit sound totally dull to my ears.

But the worst thing of all is the dvd that rounds out the package. I consider it a total failure, as it adds almost nothing substantial: beside a selection of album tracks in Dolby 5.1, there are the boring visuals of Elektronik Symphonie, a studio-session, some footage of Schiller’s journey on a scientific vessel to the Arktik last summer and some photos.

All in all, “Atemlos” has become a quiet ambient/chill-out affair with occasional minimal elements, missing the warmth, grace and sense of wonder of Schiller’s previous music.
I’m afraid his large German fanbase will have a hard nut on this release…


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