Schiller – Atemlose Klangwelten

Schiller - Atemlose Klangwelten

Release data:

Schiller – Atemlose Klangwelten
CD, Universal Domestic, 2010

“Atemlose Klangwelten” is the bonus album which comes only with the Limited Ultra Deluxe Edition of Schiller’s “Atemlos”, and in a way you might compare it with the “Einlass” cd-series which he releases privately.

The bonus cd, which is all instrumental, contains six ambient “Klangwelten” (Soundworlds), and here Mr Von Deylen is back on track as I know him: This is tasty and moody mix of cool chill-out/down-tempo music which is of a far better quality compared to the initial “Atemlos” release.

The right flow is there, the sequenced / rhythms parts evolve smoothly, and the beautifully rendered atmospheric music breaths pure emotions all the way.

Yes, this is a true and well-done “soundtrack” to his Arctic expedition….


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