Schiller – Die Einlassmusik 10

Schiller - Die Einlassmusik 10

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Schiller – Die Einlassmusik 10
CD, Sleepingroom Musik, 2013

Schiller’s “Die Einlassmusik 10” is an eight-track album featuring music Christopher von Deylen composed to entertain his audience before the actual concert during his 2013 “Neue Klangwelten” tour.

Contrary to his regular commercial releases, no vocals or melodic tunes are featured here. Instead one gets a selection of continuous soundscape compositions dwelling in freeform spaces. This is a lush, warm, dreamy and tranquil sonic backdrop. It most often evolves in waves while being accompanied by a gentle sequencer pattern and subtle percussion or reaching out to soft symphonic realms.

“Teil V” comes forward a bit more dynamic with its rattling rhythm as an intro, followed by warm floating pads and a bass sequence running underneath. In a way it reminded me of classic Chicane. The last piece (with over 9 minutes also the longest take) on the album makes a notable outro, merging dynamic currents and ethereal tapestries.
Mission nicely accomplished Mr von Deylen!


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