Schiller – Die Einlassmusik 6

Schiller - Die Einlassmusik 6


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Schiller – Die Einlassmusik 6
CD, Sleepingroom Musik, 2010

This album contains the 52-minute instrumental music Christopher von Deylen especially composed to entertain the waiting audience during the “Atemlos” tour in Spring 2010.

The instrumental music starts out as a nice quiet and atmospheric soundscape in the first three parts, made up of warm textural tapestries without rhythm. This start to slowly built in sound on the fourth part, where pronounce sequencer patterns and rhythms are introduced, all making up an attractive instrumental song.

Introspective moodiness return on parts five and six, while part seven beautifully sets off into expansive territory with occasional oriental kindred bell sounds and rhythmic structures. The album smoothly rounds out with the freeform, chill-out last part.

From a pure electronic music point of view, the Einlassmusik series remains the most interesting from the Schiller releases. The imaginary music of “Einlassmusik 6” makes a strong continuation.


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