Schiller – Die Einlassmusik 8 & 9

Schiller - Die Einlassmusik 8 & 9

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Schiller – Die Einlassmusik 8 & 9
CD, Sleepingroom Musik, 2012

The year 2012 has been very busy for Christopher von Deylen, aka Schiller. So it’s even more surprising he found time to compose not one, but two albums of Einlassmusik to accompany his “Sonne” Live-Tour in fall of that year.

Both releases each feature about 48 minutes of ambient Klanglandschaften, divided in eight parts. Number eight sounds very dreamy but overall also rather superficial to my ears, hinting on just whirling, freeform soundscapes only.

“Einlassmusik 9” suits me better. The spherical music presented here is much more expressive and emotive, occasionally implementing smooth rhythmic elements and lush sequencer patterns. This is all well expressed on the fine “Teil II”, but even more on the beautiful “Teil VI”.
A thing that puzzles me though is why these albums weren’t released as a double-cd.


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