Schiller – Horizon

Schiller - Horizon

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Schiller – Horizon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Panorama/Deutsche Gramaphone, 2013

This is a bit of an unusual review, as it focusses on the album “Horizon” only, which is part of Schiller’s expensive and limited “Opus” Limited Ultra Deluxe Edition, (a four-cd-set) and not available seperately. Musically, it is way different compared to the dreary, reinterpreted classical-electronic music making up “Opus”.

Lasting for 52 minutes, Mr von Deylen treats his listener on a fine instrumental work of art in seven uninterrupted parts. These moody soundworlds line up easily next to his “Einlass Musik” series.

The long form outcome is cinematic, dreamy and highly atmospheric, sometimes even majestic and a bit melancholic, relying on textures only on the first two parts (with a beautiful and immersive “Part II” as a first highlight). The 8-minute “Part VI” also deserves a special mention, with some fine drums/percussion and a sequencer kicking in on the more energetic second half.

Descriptive instrumental ambient suits Mr Schiller well for years, “Horizon” is a nice addition to that.


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