Schiller – Sonne (DeLuxe Edition)

Schiller - Sonne (DeLuxe Edition)

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Schiller – Sonne (DeLuxe Edition)
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Universal Domestic, 2012

The album “Sonne” adds a new chapter to the growing music catalogue of most successful Berlin-based composer Christopher von Deylen, aka Schiller. If you’re expecting something new though, the outcome on his seventh studio release makes quite clear that’s not the case.

Once again, Schiller sticks to the formulae of instrumental and vocal tracks in which one can find the usual mixture of emotive textures, glowing sequencers and powerful/subtle rhythms that all show a strong connection and similarity to previous efforts.

In essence, the title-piece for example is a very nice one, but I would have loved this to be an instrumental exercise as the sticky German vocals of Der Graf (aka Unheilig) aren’t appropriate here. Things turn out sparkling and catchy on the trance-dance take “Epic Shores”, where female singer Meredith Call gives her best. A lot of experimentation is going on “Velvet Aeroplane”, especially its entrance is a strange, searching affair.

Things brighten up on the trance/dance- instrumental “Lichtermeer”, on which one can almost feel warm rays of sunlight touch your skin as the track unfolds. A more introspective, but still quite trippy side is explored on the evocative “Ultramarin”. After that, serious hit potential strikes on the catchy “Alive” that features some fine vocals by Adam Young. Although there are some properly made and catchy tracks on the disc, the album as a whole just isn’t convincing and appealing enough.

The next move is the dvd completing this release. The main course here is reserved for a catchy and very well-executed concert performed in a small theatre by Christopher and his trusted companion Christian Kretschmar on synths, along two drummers/percussionists. Lots of great atmospheres, melodic tunes and dynamics are at play here as the quartet enjoy themselves a lot, not forgetting about the excellent audio and multiple cameras showing what’s going on on stage.
In addition, the dvd contains four tracks from Schiller’s Klangwelten- tour, a videoclip of the atmospheric piece “Solaris” that opened the previously reviewed cd, a short video-document shot at O2 World in Hamburg and a surround test.

Next to this DeLuxed version, “Sonne” is also available in various other versions such as 2-lp, 2-cd & 2-dvd edition and a 3-cd & 2-dvd edition. The latter contains the instrumental electronic-ambient album “Sonnenwelten” (a kind of Einlass—music album) on the third cd and comes with a “Sonne”-painting.


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