Schiller – Sonne Live

Schiller - Sonne Live

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Schiller – Sonne Live
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Universal Domestic, 2013

The double-cd “Sonne Live” by Schiller, aka Christopher von Deylen, contains the full performance played at Berlins O2 World in December 2012.

As on previous live-albums, Schiller and band do what the audience is expecting from them: playing an accessible and emotionally-charged set of vocal and instrumental tracks from the latest release. It’s the culmination and celebration of 15 concerts in Germany, all accompanied by a spectacular light show that fit to and expand on the title of Schillers seventh studio-album. (Check out the same-titled dvd to get an idea of the hypnotizing symbiosis of sound and light brought to the stage).
From the start, the mix of trancy synth-pop and rich soundscapes create an intense feel-good atmosphere, while Schiller expands his sound on some other, older pieces such as “Sehnsucht” and “Schiller”.

Although Mr von Deylen’s “Elektronik Pur” exercises and “Einlass Musik” releases still suit me best, the pristine-sounding “Sonne Live” is prove he can’t do anything wrong in the eyes of the large fan-base in his homeland. This guys star is still rising.

P.S. Sonne Chill Out, the bonus on the 2nd cd, contains three chill-out versions of Schiller-tracks.


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