Schiller – Sonnenwelten

Schiller - Sonnenwelten

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Schiller – Sonnenwelten
CD, Universal Domestic, 2012

Schiller’s album “Sonnenwelten”, only available in the Limited Ultra Deluxe package of “Sonne”, can be regarded as a kind of Einlassmusik-release.

It’s a fully instrumental release featuring tranquil music that fits best to what most fans in our genre characterize as electronic music. Although lasting for only 37 minutes, Mr von Deylen lets his listeners journey through a very relaxed textural landscape that most of the ride evolves in a free form style. The highly atmospheric and dreamy soundpainting only occasionally features some slight sequencing or rhythmic elements, such as e.g. in parts Drei, Vier and Sechs.

All in all, “Sonnenwelten” makes a fine recording and is recommended if you like to give your mind a break.


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