Schiller – Tag und Nacht

Schiller - Tag und Nacht


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Schiller – Tag und Nacht
CD, Universal Domestic, 2005

Schiller’s stunning album “Sehnsucht” made me decide to investigate his back catalogue a bit further, which brought me to “Tag un Nacht”.

Again, this album presents a balanced mix of vocal and instrumental tracks, with even some great pop songs such as “Miles and Miles” and “Falling” (both with Moya –the voice of “Clannad”– Brennan) or the emotional and sensitive “Der Tage” (with Jette von Roth).
Not to forget about the two emotional laden tracks “I Know” and “I Saved You”, both featuring the graceful vocals of Kim Sanders.
The only thing that doesn’t work for me are the rapping vocals of Thomas D. on “Die Nacht”, while the heavenly female vocals following it are so well done.

Regarding the instrumental outings, there are beauties like the glowing “Nachtflug”, “Schritt der Zeit” and “Sonnenaufgang”, the driving and highly cinematic “Berlin Bombay” or the soft yearning “Jahresringe” next to the exiting tracks “Irrlicht” and “Feuerwerk”.
There’s even an track with Mike Oldfield, who delivers some nice guitar work for “Morgentau”.

After 78 minutes of in-depth music, “Tag und Nacht” proves to be a solid, emotional and well produced release any Schiller fan will fully embrace.


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